Cuddling on the couch.

When we first got out Labrador puppy back in January he decided that our throw pillows would make great chew toys. I caught him before the pillow was destroyed but there was still a pretty good sized hole on one side. I threw the pillow in the wash then placed it back on the couch with the hole facing down, thinking that someday I would recover it. Well, the other day I walked into the living room to find a huge pile of stuffing on my coffee table. My two year old had discovered the hole and thought it would be fun to pull all of the stuffing out. The pillow is currently sitting in the closet (with all of the stuffing back inside) but I will be recovering it soon. I found a few great tutorials online but I can't decide which one I want to use.
I found this gorgeous pillow at Make It and Love It . At first I thought it looked way to complicated, but after reading through the tutorial I think I might be able to do it.

Smile and Wave has a great pillow that was made with doily's.Click HERE to see how it was done.
This adorable fall pillow was found at Cluck Cluck Sew. I love the bright colors. and what a great way to use up some scraps.
I found this gathered pillow at Sew Much Ado. The gathered look makes this pillow just looks so comfy.

So which one is your favorite?

Getting Organized

In an attempt to stay get organized, I have purchased several day planners throughout the years. Usually these planners only get used for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, but eventually I just give up on them and they end up in the back of a closet somewhere or in the trash. I can never seem to find a planner that works for me. Well, 2011 is almost here and I am determined to get organized. Instead of going out and buying a new planner I decided to convert one of my old planners to fit my needs. I found my old Franklin Covey planner ( I think it was from 2007 or 2008). I took out all of the old planner pages and using Microsoft Excel I made a few of my own pages. Then in an attempt to make this ugly black leather planner a little more girly I decided to add some pretty pink polka-dot ribbon. I also ripped out the zipper and added a couple ribbons to tie it closed, then added handles to make it easier to carry. This was the end result.

And I HATED it!! Don't get me wrong. I think its cute, and definitely more girly, but the thing is huge. Having two young kids, I almost always carry a large diaper bag with me wherever I go. That's a big enough pain in itself, and now I was suppose to drag around this chunky planner too?? I could squeeze it inside the diaper bag but that left little room for anything else.
I like the size of the pages ( I have tried smaller planners, but they didn't have the room for what I needed) It was just the chunky cover that I didn't like. I thought about using a smaller notebook type planner, but I like the option of being able take out and insert pages as needed. Then I got the idea to rip off the cover and replace it with this one

This is actually the cover from an old MEAD Notebook that I was about to toss. I cut it off of the binding, cut it to the size I needed, punched some holes in it, then slipped it over the old rings.

I needed a lot more tabs than what was in the original planner so I took the A-Z address tabs, covered them with white tape, then re-labeled them. I also colored them with highlighters, mainly because I was bored.

My tabs include:
Schedule - I write down anything that NEEDS to be done on a certain day or week.(ei. appointments, bills to pay, people to call, ect...)
Finances - I am terrible at keeping track of our finances but I hope to change that.
Shopping - I have a master shopping checklist, an accordion envelope that I made from scrap paper to hold coupons, weekly menu planner sheets, and blank lined paper for shopping lists, as well as a sheet to keep track of price comparisons and sales trends.
Housework - There is currently nothing in this section but I am planning on trying out the FlyLady method.
To Do - Master 'To Do' list and blank paper to jot  down anything else to do.
Lists - Movies to watch someday, Wines to try, and Books to read.
Medical - Used to keep track of each family members hospital visits.
Fitness - As I have mentioned before, I have recently discovered a passion for working out. I like to keep track of the workouts I do so that I can go back later and try to beat my old scores. I really need to keep track of what I eat also, but that will have to wait.
Contacts - Phone number and Addresses of anyone that I think I might need to call someday.
Gift Ideas -  A separate page for my hubby and each one of our daughters. Any time some one points something out that they like, I jot it down. Hopefully this will solve the "I have no idea what to get them" dilemma. I would also like to start buying gifts throughout the year instead of waiting two weeks before Christmas or a birthday.
WWW - A list of user names and passwords for different site, a list of websites that might be useful someday, as well as blank paper to jot down any website that I think might be interesting but don't have the time to look at them at the moment.
Ideas - This is were I write down anything that I might want to remember but it doesn't fit in any other category.
Stuff - I had a bunch of scrap paper lying around (one side was used but the other side was blank). Instead of tossing it, I cut it to fit in my planner and punched some holes in it. This is used for my daughter to draw on and keep her busy at doctors appointments, restaurants, ect..., to jot down a quick note to leave for my husband, or if i ever need to jot down a few items to pick up at the store and don't want to waste an entire page from my 'Shopping' section.
TDIYHSHP - Anything and everything related to this site.
Goals - Currently empty, but I would like to start tracking my goals someday.

I also added a few old envelops that I had lying around to keep receipts, coupons, and notes.

How do you stay organized?

The cutest closet ever!

I recently stumbled upon Sawdust and Paper Scraps where I discovered this adorable Playhouse closet.

It even has a storage area under the roof!!

Is this not the cutest thing ever? I'm sure my daughters would love to have their very own playhouse closet.

Who does not love....

Vintage suitcases!! They seem to be everywhere these days. But just in case you have not noticed them, I will share a few with you. Love Nostalgic Whimsy is an shop on Etsy where you can find these unique medicine cabinets.

Click here, to find out how to turn on into a bed for you pet. Found at Cut Out and Keep. 
Somehow, I don't think I would find one big enough for either one of my dogs.

The Shabby Chic Cottage stacked a couple suitcases together to use as a night stand.

Hardwood floors without the hassle

Everyone wants hardwood floors these days, but not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of installing them. Stephanie @ Home makes it sound so simple with snap-together wood floors. Read more about it here. Don't think the snap-together floors look as nice as the real wood floors?? Check out Stephanie's dining and living room and tell me if you can tell the difference? I think they are absolutely gorgeous.

Need a bench?

Entry ways are usually a dumping ground for a lot of stuff. An easy way to tackle all of the clutter is to add storage. Stephanie over at Full of Great Ideas came up with this wonderful idea to use a shelf from Ikea as a bench. For storage she added a few canvas boxes that she also made herself out of pizza boxes.
Click HERE to see how she did it. or HERE to make your own canvas boxes.

Plates Galore!!

I'm not sure who decided that a plate would look good as wall decor, but you have to admit it is a great idea. You can find plates for pretty cheap at yard sales, antique stores, rummage sales. Buy a couple inexpensive plate hangers and you got yourself a simple way to decorate any wall.

The Feminist house wife added a simple silhouette to a plain white plate.Click HERE to see how she did it.
Check out these adorable Halloween plates from Poppies at Play
I know Halloween is over with, but it is never too early to start planning for next year. Want some more great DIY plate projects? Click on the "My Favorites" link on the right side of my blog and check out The Big-Ass Book of Home Decor. They have some great ideas for decorating plates as well as many, many more home decor projects. You can even take a peek inside before you buy it!

Mess Free painting.

I came across this idea a while back and I can not remember where I found it at. 
Using a 1 gallon size ziploc bag, I filled it with a small amount of tempera paint . You can use one color or two. If you use two colors keep in mind that they will mix. I secured the opening with scotch tape to make sure that it did not leak.
 You can give your children Q-tips to draw pictures or they can just use their fingers. If they use their fingers be sure to clip their nails beforehand.
This provided hours of fun and the paint won't dry up so you can use it over and over again. (Or at least until the bag starts to wear thin.)  
Be sure to check out my Link Parties page to see all of the great crafts out this week. 

Unique ways to display photos.

Rikki's Blog has the cutest idea for displaying your photos in glass jars.

Check out her tutorial here. Also check out her trick on how to get rid of that stick residue using Doom insect replant.

Or check out this vintage window reused to display photos. Found at How Sweet It Is.

Simple kitchen makeover.

If your kitchen is looking a little dull but you don't want to spend the money for a complete makeover try this little trick. With a couple cans of paint and a little elbow grease CasaSugar turned these drab cabinets

Into this

Click here to see how it was done.

Need more counter space.

In the past I think one of the biggest problems we have had with our kitchen was not enough counter space. Our current rental has an island. This is the first house I have lived in with a kitchen island and I do not know how I ever lived without one. As you know, we will be moving here in a couple weeks and I am not sure our future home will have an island. No worries though, because DIY Network has a great article on how to build your own custom kitchen island.

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, more and more people are starting to put up their holiday decorations. My outdoor decorations are usually limited to a small strand of lights around the door. Someday I'll have a huge yard to display more decorations, but for now I will just dream.

DIY Network has this great video on how to make a giant red wagon.

I found a this tutorial at eHow on how to make your own outdoor Christmas star.

Or if you would rather stick to just hanging Christmas lights check out this tutorial form DIY-HQ on hanging Christmas lights.

Storing your cleaners.

I hate having cluttered counter tops. Real Simple came up with this great idea to store your cleaning solutions above you kitchen sink or bathtub.

Books, Books, Books!

With the invention of the Nook and the Kindle fewer people are buying books. Although I have an app for the Kindle on my Android I still prefer to buy real books. I just love the look of a wall full of books and hope to someday have a wall of my own to cover with books. Check out these great DIY book displays.

This bookshelf found at Design Sponge was inspired by atlas shelving. You can find the tutorial and make your own by clicking here.

Project Nursery has this great tutorial for a children's book shelf.

Why didn't I think of that?

I spotted this great photo in one of my Better Homes and Garden Magazines.

The article associated with this photo was actually about the great head board made from handkerchiefs but what I noticed was what was sitting at the end of the bed. Two vintage end tables pushed together to form a bench. I have seen several of these tables at yard sales and antique stores, usually for pretty cheap, but I never knew what to do with them. Topped with a bench cushion and a couple throw pillows, then add some baskets for storage and this is the perfect addition to any bedroom.

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