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Diy Cookie Cutter

My 3 year old has got to be the pickiest eaters ever. A year ago she was diagnosed with celiac disease so her food options are limited. Add her super picky eating habits on top of that and it is a wonder that eats anything at all. Anyways, a while back I got this great idea. i thought that if I could find some cookie cutters and cut her food up into fun bite-sized shapes, she might just eat more. I searched all over the local stores (which in my small town was a total of 3) but all I could find were larger cookie cutters. Then I happened to stumble upon a wonderful site called Bubbly Nature. While there I found these delicious looking Veggie Goldfish.

The goldfish were made using a strip of a soda can bent in the shape of a fish. This inspired me to make my own cookie cutters.

Here are the supplies needed to make your own cookie cutters.

  1. Soda can
  2. Scissors
  3. Super glue or tape (I used super glue. I'm not really sure if it is safe but I figured it would not actually be touching the food)

Before starting you need to rinse the can out and let it dry. Once your can is dry cut off the top and bottom of your can then cut a slit from top to bottom so that you have one large tin sheet. Cut off any sharp edges and then start cutting the can into 1/2 inch strips.

Once you have all of your strips start bending them into shapes and glue or tape the ends together.

Voila... your very own mini cookie cutters. It's so simple!

These should be dishwasher safe although I would put them in a dishwasher basket so that they do not get banged up and bent in the dishwasher.

If you do attempt to make these, the edges are fairly sharp so I would recommend wearing gloves. Or you can do like I do and use the flat part of a spatula to push on them.

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