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Stuff My Face - 8 Drool-Worthy Desserts

I walked into the kitchen this morning and noticed that the banana's were on the verge of going bad. I immediately thought 'Banana Cream Pie' and made a mental note to look up a recipe later.
Well you could say I got a little distracted. Here is what I've been drooling over instead.

Drop scones made with yogurt. - I have never tried scones with yogurt (that I know of). Sounds delicious.

Circus Snack Mix - This looks so much better that regular snack mix

Doughnut Cookies - These are actually cookies made to look like doughnuts. How clever!

Pie Fries - I love pie crust. I bet these taste AMAZING!

Cheesecake in a Jar - This would make far a perfect on-the-go snack

Chocolate Swirled Peanut Butter Blast Cupcake - It's like a Reeses (my favorite candy by the way) in cupcake form.

Yep, I know! Not a single one of them is even slightly close to resembling banana cream pie. It's funny how easily we can get distracted.


  1. You're right I could drool over all of these for a while. Yum.


  2. Yum! Those all look delicious. Thanks for all the great, yummy recipes!


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