Genius Ideas For Organizng Your Kitchen

Use a magazine holder to organize your canned goods.

Use a CD rack to organize your food container lids.

Install T-molding to organize wine glasses.

Turn an old bi-fold door into storage for your cleaning supplies.

Fold your used plastic bags to conserve space.

Make a sponge holder from a recycled shampoo bottle.

Sew Velcro onto your dish towel to keep it in place. 

Store cookie cutters on a paper towel dispenser.

Recycle frappuccino bottles to store snacks.

Use a wipes container to store plastic bags. 

Use a desk rack to organize cutting boards and sheet pans.

Use bamboo skewers to store kitchen knives.

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  1. LOVE every idea. Soooooo clever. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that none of the ideas look tacky like DIY projects tend to look.

  3. Every single idea is creative and practical and I especially like the cookie cutter and knife storage solutions. I think they are cost effective and easy to build with materials that can easily be found around the house or at neighborhood hardware stores. Some things do not need to be new and expensive before they can be useful.

  4. excellent ideas, some not many have even think about. Simple and great ! thx

  5. Great Ideas, liked the idea to store kitchen knives...


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