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DIY Tutorials to Organize Toys

When you have kids, you are bound to have clutter. Don't let those toys take over your home.
Here are some great diy tutorials to help add storage and organize those toys.

Make your own see through toy bags to organize all the little items your kids collect.

Attach dollar store toys to mason jars and pray paint. These unique storage containers are simply adorable and perfect for organizing art supplies, barbie accessories, or game pieces.

Toy storage from a plant hanger! This is such a great way to keep those toys off the floor. If you have young kids this would also be a perfect was to keep keepsake toys or non-age-appropriate toys out of reach. 

This activity table is a great way to give kids their own space to play and build and the large storage boxes underneath mack clean up a snap.

Don't let the extra space under your child's bed go to waste. These rolling storage crates are easy to build and will store lots of toys. You can even add dividers or plastic shoe boxes to organize the contents of each box.
See full tutorial.

Similar to the storage bags above yet much larger and with a drawstring closure. Perfect for dolls and clothes, legos, or any other collection of toys your child has.

Garden baskets attached to a wall make perfect toy and book storage. Hang them at different heights to fit your child needs.

This fun crochet rope basket can be made in any size or color to fit your child's bedroom decor.

Using plastic buckets, drill a few holes around the edges and attach with zip ties.
This storage solution is so simple and your child will love it.

With a little paint, these recycled snack containers make the perfect lego storage.

A drill and bungee cords can transform any bookcase into an amazing stuffed animal storage cage.

Do you have any diy tutorials, organizing tips, or recipes that you would like to share with DIY Home Sweet Home readers? 

If so, please fill out the 'Get Featured' form for a chance to be featured on this blog!

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